Mourinho Optimistic With Ibrahimovic Recovery

Mourinho Optimistic With Ibrahimovic Recovery

Jose Mourinho deserves a big smile, after in the first two Premier League matches, Manchester United are able to prove that they are a more mature team from last season Agen Bola Terpercaya.

The arrival figure Romelu Lukaku, recognized as one factor that can generate the dominance of The Red Devils on the field. Evidently, the figure of the Belgian national striker has contributed three goals, from two games at the beginning of this season.

However, United still have one other attacker, who is capable of leading their attack line, in Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The figure of the Swedish national attacker has proved himself a champion figure with his own mentality.

In the last season, recorded he managed to contribute the number 28 goals for Manchester United in various competitions, which is also accompanied by a score of 10 assists. Graphic performance can be given at the age of 36 years.

Mourinho also felt very confident, that the presence of Lukaku in the main squad The Red Devils will not interfere with Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s overall performance, which is currently known to still be in the process of recovery injury.

In fact, the figure of the Portuguese national coach felt very confident that in this season, Ibra will still play a very important role for the main squad that he had post-recovery process injury was over.

“I feel very happy because the recovery process Zlatan runs very well. He gradually recovered convincingly, “Mourinho told local media about his decision to keep Ibrahimovic at Old Trafford.

“And more importantly, I feel very happy because we can return to experience and mentality champion in this team. After the contribution he gave to this team last season, he deserves to gain great confidence from us.

“We are very patient to wait for him to recover from injury. We will continue to support him, and I feel that this season he will again prove his worth for the team. “

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